Consultation and treatment

All consultations are taken by both of us. This method has a few advantages. First of all, we each have variations in the way we interpret what we are seeing, resulting in a sharper analysis of the situation. Secondly, you can always contact one of us, as both of us are familiar with your situation. Of course it is also possible to have a consultation with one of us, depending on your preference. However, we know from practice that clients normally react positively to the presence of two therapists.

Before the first consultation takes place you will receive an intake form, consisting of questions on your contact details, current and past health problems and use of medicines, when applicable.

The first consultation will take about 90 minutes. We will extensively address your health problem as well as other issues that might at first not relate to your health problem. Issues such as eating and drinking patterns, sleep, fears, emotions and heredity. We need all this information to get a complete picture of the situation, and to choose a homeopathic remedy that suits you best.

Follow-up consultations normally take about an hour and are planned 4 – 8 weeks after the first consultation. In between, short consultation by telephone or email may take place.

It is difficult to predict the number of consultations you may need as it depends on the nature of your health problem. In general, acute health problems take 1-3 consultations. Chronic health problems normally need more time. After three consultations we assess whether or not sufficient progress has taken place. In some cases we may feel it necessary to refer you to another health practitioner.

After the consultation you will receive the homeopathic remedy by mail, together with a prescription. For a good judgement on the effect of the remedy, it is important to record all changes and to report them in the follow-up consultation. Further treatment is based on your reaction to the remedy.