Homeopathic association and complaints procedure

We are registered at the Dutch Society of Classical Homeopaths (Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten, NVKH). Classic homeopaths registered at NVKH comply with high quality standards with regard to education, training and substitution. Consultations are refunded fully or partially by many health insurance companies.  

In case of complaints about the treatment you receive, you are invited to discuss these with us. When we are not able to address your complaints, you may address them to the Complaints Officer through the NVKH. When the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may address them to the officially recognised Commission Alternative Treatments (Geschillencommissie Complementaire en Alternatieve Geneeswijzen):

Stichting Complementaire en Alternatieve Geneeswijzen
Newtonlaan 51, 3584 BP  Utrecht
Telephone: 085 – 9022863
Email: info@scag.nl
Website: www.scag.nl/contact/